Chief of Bristol Police Kevin Lynch (left) and Lieutenant Stephen St. Pierre brought a timely and important story to Bristol Rotary Meeting of how to prepare and deal with an active threat to your business, school, property or home. The Chief emphasized that Bristol was named, not only the safest town in Rhode Island, but also the safest University town. However, that doesn't mean that, in this day and age, we should not be better prepared to deal with threats to our well being. Lieut. St. Pierre presented a detailed PowerPoint video reviewing all the stages of such an attack, beginning with being always aware and watchful of your surroundings and people coming into your establishment; how to deal with the threat when it happens (run, hide and fight as the last resort); to how to help the wounded when the police have eliminated the threat. This is an important presentation that should be seen throughout Bristol. Bristol Rotary is making it available to you on this website by clicking below. It will download the presentation on your computer to be watched on your time schedule. Pass it on to your friends and family. Thanks Chief and Lieut. St. Pierre for keeping us safe!