Ken Watkinson, from Bristol Rotary, working with Tom Carroll, President of Paramedic Systems & Alert Ambulance, managed to donate an Ambulance to be sent to Ukraine through the unique channel of the Second Baptist Ukrainian Church.  The Second Baptist Church through donations, have already sent four large containers to the Ukraine. Bristol Rotarians, Ken & Mary Watkinson, with help from the Bristol Rotary Club, have managed to bring 50 truckloads of supplies for the soldiers and civilians: such as PPE defibrillator, heart monitors, winter jackets, hygiene bags, and warm clothes to the church. The Church in turn packages the goods in containers and sends them to Ukraine.
Alert Ambulance is donating the ambulance and all the necessary equipment inside.   Life of an ambulance in the Ukraine is 60 days. This ambulance will be brought over to the Ukraine via container. Once there, it will be painted in camouflage and will go right into the battlefield to help the wounded. Soldiers are transported from the war zone via pickup truck then they will be placed into the ambulance and brought to the hospital.
The Bristol Rotary also donated $1000 which will go toward obtaining wound VAC kits to be placed in the ambulance.  Vacuum-Assisted Closure kits (VAC) assists in the closure of wounds, a type of therapy to help wounds heal faster.
Below, is Ken and Mary Watkinson (center) delivering the check to Slavik Krishchuk (right) Mission Director for the Second Baptist Church, and his brother Leonid Krishchuk (left), Pastor of the New Life Church in Lutsk, Ukraine.