Sunday, April 30, The Imagine Walk fundraiser, which has been run annually by The Autism Project of Johnston, RI came to Goddard Memorial Park. The Imagine Walk contributes to The Autism Project ‘s mission to “support children to young adults with autism, their families and the many professionals who work to support them. They touch more than 7,500 people each year through their direct programming, training, outreach, and parent consultants.
The Autism Project is a ‘Hub of Hope’ that supports autistic people, their families and caregivers, community members, and educators to build a more neuro-inclusive community for all to be successful. A world where individuals with an autism spectrum disorder are valued participating members of their communities.”
Bristol Rotary raised funds in 2015 – 2016 to bring The Autism Project to the East Bay to provide closer support to the over 2,000 families in the East Bay affected by autism spectrum disorders. Support is still critical, as the rate of children born with autism has grown from 1 in 68 in 2016, to 1 in 36 today – per the CDC.
Below center left is Joanne Quinn Executive Director of The Autism Project, center right is Bruce Cox, President of Bristol Rotary’s Charities Foundation. Also, Bristol Rotary Board Members, left Maria Cesario and right Jacques de Labry.