King Philip Little League (KPLL) was founded in 1952 and believes in the power of youth baseball and softball, to teach life lessons that build stronger individuals and communities.  We should all be proud of their achievements and the hard work that their volunteers have put in for the league’s success.
The KPLL are in the beginning of their playoff season and then will immediately jump into their all-star season. During these games, numerous baseball families and fans from around the State will be in attendance. But to have the best season, the KPLL needs an upgrade to their sound system. Having an upgraded sound system will allow them to make clear announcements of the action on the field, help in fundraising efforts, and announce awards – so that the spectators can be part of the action.
In the picture, below (left) President Paul LaFleur of Bristol Rotary is presenting a donation of $1,400 to KPLL volunteer Jennifer Mello (center) for the improved sound system. On her left, is Bristol Rotarian Ken Watkinson.  Have a great season KPLL!