Overview of Charlie’s Fight Project
  • Deaths by drug overdoses in Rhode Island have become a public health crisis.
  • The problem starts in Middle School and can become a lifelong problem during High School and afterwards.
  • Appealing to the parents, Public Service Ads or school assemblies has not worked

  •  Motivate students at both school levels to take part in the solution. “How can you avoid being a victim of substance abuse or how can you help your best friend not to.”
  • Participate in the Project Contest & win 3 tiers of prizes for the best ideas.
  • Charlie, a top student, fought addiction but died of a drug overdose a few years ago!
Please Donate to Charlie's Fight Project
  • Help us help our kids fight substance abuse in our schools
  • Bristol Rotary has taken the lead on this project in our traditional role of service to our community.
  • Our initial target for 2020 is $10,000
  • Please donate to Charlie’s Fight by using the PayPal link below or sending a check to:
Bristol Rotary Charities Foundation 
P.O. Box 469,
Bristol, RI 02809

Bristol Rotary Charities Foundation is a 501(c)(3)and all donations are tax deductible.
Contest Information and Rules



  • 1st place $500
  • 2nd place $250
  • 3rd place $100
  1. Separate contests for Kickemuit and Mt. Hope High School
  2. Your message can be presented through any form of media (essays, stories, videos, poems, songs) as an individual or as a team.
  3. Entries will be judged on content, creativity and on the potential of your message to have a positive impact in the prevention of substance abuse
  4. Entries should be emailed  to:  charliesfight@bristolrotaryclub.com

    Deadline for entries is May 18

  5. All entries must include the student's name, school, grade, home address and phone number. Videos should be uploaded to You tube and submitted as a private link.
  6. Prizes for the 3 top winners in each school will be awarded at a reception at the Bristol Rotary Club and will appear in the East Bay Newspapers.
*Copyright interests of all entries are assigned to Bristol Rotary Charities Foundation upon acceptance.