Due to budget cuts, Bristol Rotary donated $1,000 each to the three elementary schools in Bristol to restore more fully their art programs. Below, Paul LaFleur presents a check to the school to support the art teacher's program: center picture is Rockwell School, teacher Sarah Jacobs; upper left is Guiteras School, also Sarah Jacobs; upper right Colt Andrews, teacher Lynne Ramos. See full story below.
Last Fall, Bristol Rotary's Charites Foundation received requests for financial support for an art program at an elementary school whose budget was severely cut for the current school year. Subsequently, other Art teachers have come forward requesting assistance. The request had these words in common: " This year, due to budget cuts, my art supply budget was cut by approximately 80% ... " 
"All grade levels in the school have art class once a week for forty minutes. Lessons are planned to reinforce the National Core Arts Standards as well as making connections to the Second Step Curriculum ( Social Emotional Learning) . Connections are also made to Mathematics and Literacy. Creating through the Visual Arts is an important way for students to engage in meaningful learning experiences. Without the necessary tools and materials to teach these in depth lessons, students will miss out on valuable experiences. I have to spend my own money at times in order to have the basics to complete projects to meet the needs of my students." 
Bristol Rotary is happy to support the eloquence and professionalism of these outstanding teachers. The checks were written to the schools to be applied to the respective Art Programs. We were also pleased to get a letter of appreciation from Ana Riley, Superintendent of Schools.